What are the causes of Alzheimer’s Disease and related dementia? How do they cause neurodegeneration and dementia?
Behavior is the measurable output of brain activity, revealing how an animal interacts with the world.
How does the nervous system actually work?
How does the brain compute? Ensembles of neurons form circuits that constitute the functional building blocks of the brain.
How do we build a nervous system?
NRI stem cell investigators work at the interface of molecular cell biology and bioengineering.
The brain is a complex system of interconnected neurons and it works as a whole that is “greater than the sum of its parts”.
How do we see? How do the different retinal cell types interact with one another?
Neuroscience, like essentially all other sub-disciplines in the life sciences, has become more and more dependent upon new, creative and cutting edge high resolution, high sensitivity technologies.

Research Centers

ADRC’s work focuses upon the pathological action of the microtubule associated protein tau as well as mechanisms of neuronal plasticity and its impairment in neurodegeneration.
Dedicated to research on the cellular, molecular and genetic factors that contribute to Macular Degeneration.
An interdisciplinary program of stem cell research and teaching in the emerging field of regenerative medicine.