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About NRI

Multidisciplinary Research

The mission of the Neuroscience Research Institute (NRI) is to foster knowledge and understanding of the nervous system by serving as a center for scientific research breakthroughs. The NRI is a group of investigators whose collective goal is to create an intellectual atmosphere conducive to exploration at the frontiers of human knowledge where disciplinary boundaries disappear. Investigators in the NRI recognize that the interests of neuroscience extend broadly from repair and prevention of human disease to the principles that underlie the development and function of nervous systems, from the human mind to the single molecular building blocks of the brain.

NRI Leadership

Stuart Feinstein, Co-Director NRI
Kenneth Kosik, Co-Director NRI
Advisory Board

Megan Valentine, Chair, ME
Mark Brzezinski, EEMB
Steve Fisher, NRI
Tom Harriman, Community Member
Emily Jacobs, Psych&Brain Sci
Matthieu Louis, MCDB
Craig Montell, MCDB
Denise Montell, MCDB
Spencer La Vere Smith,

Ex-Officio Members

Stuart Feinstein, MCDB
Ken Kosik, MCDB
Julia Niessen, NRI
Ben Lopez, NRI

Annual Reports