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University policy allows reimbursements for purchases made on behalf of UCSB. However, this should be used as a second option to submitting a purchase order.

Submit the miscellaneous reimbursement form with authorizing signatures and original receipts to Max or Karen.

Required Information:

  • Which Project Code to charge, (i.e. ESD19)
  • Purchaser’s Name
  • Purchaser’s Address
  • Business-related reason for the purchase

Reimbursement checks will be mailed to the address provided with the receipt or direct-deposited if direct deposit has previously been established. NRI has the ability to place orders in almost any manner, including online and over the phone, so most orders should be placed by NRI’s Financial Team. However, in some circumstances it may benefit the University to have an individual purchase items and subsequently receive reimbursement. Such occasions might include a discount for students that the University is not eligible to receive. Purchases made in this manner should be coordinated with NRI’s Financial Team. Likewise, because of its size and buying power, the University may be eligible for discounts, such as those available at FedEx Kinko’s, for which individuals do not qualify. Purchasers should consult with NRI’s Team at or (805) 893-5506 prior to making purchases to ensure discounts are being taken advantage of.

Note: It is possible that purchases made without prior authorization from NRI’s Financial Team may not be reimbursed. Reimbursement requests for purchases that do not conform to UCSB policy will not be reimbursed and the purchaser will be personally responsible for the charges incurred.